Account Executive

You are responsible for a dedicated target list of fast-growing B2B companies in Sweden, where you are in charge of the entire sales cycle, from prospecting to scheduling appointments, demos and closing.

Life at Upsales

People at Upsales are driven and passionate people with a huge interest in technology and sales trends. At Upsales we trust amazing people to do amazing things.

  • Great expectations --  Think big
  • Winning as a team  -- Independent, cross-functional teams with a great mandate to make an impact
  • Take ownership -- We're an organization where independence and taking responsibility is critical
  • Breathe -- Stop and think of the bigger picture

Upsales is a Great Place to Work

We're very happy and proud to be able to say that Upsales has been certified and we can officially call ourselves a Great Place to Work! Becoming a certified great place to work is a clear sign that our company culture and the way we do things is appreciated by our colleagues. 

upsales is a great place to work

Get an overview of the product we provide

Our product enables sales and marketing teams to find new leads, win more deals and grow existing accounts. 1800+ fast-growing companies use Upsales every day.