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Core functionality in Upsales CRM

  • Salesboard and business opportunities
  • Customer lists with companies & contacts
  • Timeline of all customer history
  • Manage Family Group relationships
  • Create categories for contacts and companies
  • Segment your customers with advanced search
  • Activities, reminders and call lists
  • Meetings and calendars
  • Synchronise calendar with Exchange / Google
  • Find new customers through Bisnode company database
  • Update customer card with five years of financial history
  • Mobile app for iPhone iOS & Android
  • Reports and forecasts
  • Orders and product management
  • Automatic quotation and order templates
  • Customise Upsales with custom fields
  • Create roles and authorisation
  • Import and export data to Excel
  • Upload and keep track of important documents
  • Define and follow up activities and goals
  • Create and share views of activities and companies

Adapt Upsales to your needs

Complement the main platform with the additional features and modules that you need today, or add on more features as your business grows. With the below addons, you can customise Upsales to fit your specific sales process. We offer the below addon modules.

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Upsales add-ons


If you’re selling a renewable service, this is the perfect tool for your business. Create an ongoing revenue stream, with our Addon Subscription.

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Marketing Automation

Accelerate your business growth with a full marketing automation platform. Stay on top of your market with website visitors, lead scoring and tracking, landing pages & forms, email campaigns, and powerful segmentation with our Addon Marketing Automation.

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Marketing Automation in Upsales

Cross Sales

Sold to a company that belongs to a larger corporate family? Utilize sales opportunities for whole corporate families. This Addon helps you see the complete corporate structure and related companies on the fly.

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Email Marketing

Upsales is all about keeping our customers at an arms-length. Through implementing Email Marketing, we enable a close relationship that we can nurture with tailored marketing.

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Understanding what drives sales and to draw accurate conclusions is crucial for any business looking to create substantial growth. Dig deeper into how your organization is performing.

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Business Intelligence with Upsales Insights

Event Marketing

Imagine the possibilities of an event manager connected to a leading sales & marketing automation platform. Bundle all your event assets, with our Addon Event Marketing

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Powerful Event Marketing in Upsales

Advanced Order Logic

Simplify the daily tasks for your Sales team and eliminate the risk of human errors, with our Addon Advanced Order Logic

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Revenue Recognition

Do you need to distribute or monetize your orders? Save time from crunching the numbers and report the company revenue quickly and accurately. Look no further, with our Addon Revenue Recognition, it's effortless.

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Create a smoother business workflow. Automate tasks like updating contacts, companies, or assigning leads based on interactions from your leads, with our Addon Workflow.

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workflow in Upsales CRM

Sales TV

Motivate your team, celebrate success, and display budget goals. With our Addon Sales TV you can visualize reports, celebrate salesperson’s wins, and create competitions.

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Enterprise Security

At Upsales, security is our top priority. We care about keeping your account safe, protecting your privacy, and building a trusted service. Add another level of security to your account with Advanced role access, Single Sign-On, Login IP restrictions, or 2FA.

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Sales Process

Depending on your business, your Sales Board cards may include other information than the ones provided in the default version. With our Addon, Sales Process you can customize the card layout in Sales Board.

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Customize the card layout in Upsales Sales Board

Custom Domains

By using custom web domains when publishing your landing pages with Upsales Events, will give your website a more exact purpose, which in turn will make for a more memorable experience for your visitors.

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Custom Domains in Upsales


Use one CRM and MA-platform across all of your company’s profile, with our Addon Brands. Get a birds-eye view of your entire company and filter through the central company umbrella.

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