Find new business opportunities

Get lead recommendations based on your sales history and contact data for all registered companies in the U.K.

Win more deals

Invest your time in the right deals and activities. View everything from pipeline value and status, to deal probability and risks. 

  • Intelligent Leads

    Uncover hidden leads via your most profitable customers.

  • Sales board

    Cast a spotlight on your entire network for precision visibility.

Grow existing customers

Who bought product A but not B? Uncover upsell opportunities and be notified when a customer of yours is ready to buy more.

Everything you need to grow revenue

Upsales help you find new business and win more deals.

  • Sales & marketing suite

    An end-to-end revenue engine with everything from Professional pipeline management to recommendations on new business opportunities based on your data.

  • Database of all Nordic companies

    Upsales gives you access to financial and contact data from millions of companies so you can find new business and win more deals.

  • Revenue analytics

    Uncover insights in your data with prebuilt and custom dashboards. Easily share reports in Upsales, by email and in Slack.

Featured customer story

How Soluno BC built a revenue engine

Christian Hed | Head of Sales, Soluno BC

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Companies with high growth ambitions choose Upsales

Fast-growing companies use Upsales every day to grow their sales.




Diamond Level

Intelligent sales forecasting

Automatically analyse sales performance data and get accurate revenue forecasts for your team. 

Measure what matters

Get greater control of your entire sales process and close more deals with improved predictability and efficiency. Support the sales team to see opportunities the same way, with strategies built on confirmed facts instead of gut feelings and wild guesses.

Upsales integrates with your other tools

Find all your data in one place. We can integrate with hundreds of third-party apps, from those you can't do without to the ones you're yet to discover

Keep track of your ARR changes

Integrate your ERP and track all of your SaaS KPIs in one place.