Sell with intelligent action plans

Every step towards closing deals is scheduled, organized, and mapped to your sales processes. Upsales analyzes your sales history and gives you suggestions on actions to win you more deals.

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AI-based lead recommendations

Take the work out of lead chasing with intelligent recommendations.

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  • Find new leads

    Your data combined with Upsales company database and a little bit of intelligent machine learning will help you discover more qualified leads than ever.

  • Recommendations for similar leads

    Upsales helps you keep the ball rolling. As soon as a deal is won, your sales reps get new leads based on the last successful deal.

  • Intelligent win/loss analysis

    We all lose deals once in a while. Figuring out why is key. Upsales' workflows analyze your actions - and the users’ - to find clues on what to improve.

Exploit connections in the corporate family tree

Find new prospects within your existing accounts - and add them in a click. Discover untapped companies in your customers’ corporate networks. Upsales lets you see all the board members in a company - and even additional assignments on other boards.

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Say goodbye to guesswork

Set data-driven targets with AI-based accuracy, plus automated forecasts and alerts for tracking pipeline activity.

  • Set and hit ambitious targets

    Use your historical data and sales rep hit-rate to set sales targets.

  • Intuitive sales coaching

    Upsales adapts to your sales process for optimal coaching methods.

Build board-level contacts

Identify customers on multiple boards for new sales opportunities.

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Go beyond reporting basics

Our dashboards analyse complex sales targets with full visibility, including revenue recognition, subscription ARR/MRR and profit margin.

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  • Tailor Upsales to your business model

    Get granular analysis of complex sales targets. Our dashboards yield full visibility into revenue recognition, subscription ARR/MRR and profit margin.

  • Powerful business intelligence tool

    Get ready for a powerful report center that adds value and slashes costs.

  • Share reports with users

    Schedule reports to share with users at a time they choose.

Upsell & cross-sell alerts

Uncover revenue opportunities based on buying behavior and history.

  • Customer acquisition

    Upsales lets you see all the board members of a company and even their additional assignments on other board. Add new leads with just a click.

  • Visualize upsell potential

    Project value beyond the here-and-now. Upsales helps visualise upsell potential for future deals.

No data scientists needed

Upsales makes it easy to crunch sales data and extract what you need – whether you’re a data scientist or paper-and-pen person.

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