Upsales have been a member of 1% for the planet since 2016, which means we donate 1% of the company's revenue to environmental organisations. We decided to join the organisation after reading the book Let my people go surfing by Patagonia founder Yvon Chouinard, and especially after watching this video

There are many organisations under the 1% for the planet umbrella. One organisation we've been supporting for the last few years is Solvatten, which delivers an intelligent device to help people access clean drinking water. Last week, David (their Head of Marketing and Communication) came to visit us.

"The lack of safe water leading to poor hygiene and poor health are daily challenges for millions of people living in poverty. Worldwide, 1 of 3 people live without reliable access to electricity and 1 out of 8 people live without access to safe, clean water at home." David says.

Since Upsales started to support Solvatten, 1632 Solvatten have been distributed, and 8000 people have been given access to clean water. 

"Solvatten is a combined portable water treatment and water heating system that has been designed for off-grid household use in the developing world. It is an easy, innovative solution that provides access to clean, hot water to people worldwide. Thanks to its durable design, Solvatten is an affordable and convenient way to get clean, hot water."

If you're looking for a very concrete way for your company to help people access safe water, check out what David and his team at Solvatten are doing.