We just launched Revenue Journal

Ever since I started Upsales, I've felt that something is missing on the market. When looking at the content out there, you'll find tons of helpful information for sales executives. 

But if you're an entrepreneur, a founder or a CEO - you won't get far by polishing your sales tactics. You need strategic and actionable advice on how to run your B2B business.

So, instead of staying frustrated over this gap in the market, we decided to do something about it and build it ourselves.

Revenue Journal - where B2B executives for strategies and insights on how to grow revenue

Our ambition with Revenue Journal is to build the Harvard Business Review of B2B revenue growth.

The Revenue Journal team will work with some of the best business journalists in the world, meet the brightest minds behind Europe's fastest-growing B2B companies, and spend significant time researching the things to which you wish you had an answer. 

All this knowledge will be distilled into articles, reports, publications and video shows - so you can get ahead without putting in the work.

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The Executive Network

A big part of Revenue Journal is the Executive Network. 

The idea behind it came from when I spent a few hours calling other CEOs and entrepreneurs every week. I found that in these conversations, you'll find insights and data that aren't available anywhere else.

So, we decided to scale it up and share that treasure trove of knowledge, anonymously, of course, with B2B leaders around the world. 

What can you expect? 

The Executive Network is an invitation-only community for CEOs and founders. 

I will send a weekly newsletter, exclusively to the members of the Executive Network, in which I summarise my key takeaways from the latest industry data and my conversations with other CEOs. 

We'll also arrange smaller zoom calls with some of the world's most exciting business leaders, enabling intimate discussions where people can connect and learn from each other.

A couple of times per year, we'll also invite the members to executive meetups in different places worldwide. 

If you’re interested in joining the network, request an invitation here.

Let us know your thoughts

Now, I'm curious, what do you think? 

It would be great to hear your thoughts, feedback and ideas on people we should feature in Revenue Journal. Feel free to drop a comment below.

/Daniel Wikberg, CEO & Founder