Upsales has grown fast during the past couple of years. The combination of CRM and Marketing Automation along with a toolset for Account-based marketing seems to be what the market wanted, but more importantly, what it needed. Today, Upsales’ customer base spreads over ten countries with roughly 600 customers, a majority located in Sweden. 


Upsales sees huge potential internationally as several initiatives are now being launched to strengthen the position outside of Sweden. Prioritized markets include the Benelux and DACH region (Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Germany, Switzerland, and Austria). Other markets will follow.


Johan Nilsson, who has successfully led Upsales over the past couple of years, will focus on the international expansion and run the new subsidiary Upsales International. Daniel Wikberg, Upsales’ founder and chairperson, will take over as CEO. 

Daniel explains further:

“Johan has done a tremendous job by organically growing Upsales from 20 MSEK to almost 70 MSEK, with healthy margins. He will now focus on growing the business outside of Sweden, together with our partner director and CMO Jon Beckman.”


Having spent the past years in charge of product and roadmap, Daniel is looking forward to assuming the position of CEO. While Wikberg is no stranger to this role, Upsales is now a larger company, and with that comes bigger opportunities and challenges.


“I have received a lot of questions from fellow entrepreneurs about what it feels like to take over again. I must say, it took a while to get used to the idea, but I am fully committed and very excited about taking Upsales to the next level. We are a different company than when I stepped down five years ago, and the task of leading the organisation is not only a greater challenge but also more exciting. My priority is securing that we continue to have happy customers and maintain a steady growth rate.”


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Upsales has since the start in 2003, developed into one of Europe's leading sales and marketing platforms with over 600 customers in 10 countries. By combining CRM with marketing automation and IP-based advertising on the same platform, Upsales offers a complete solution for companies that want to grow and adapt to the customer's new buying process.