Introducing a new way to keep track of your leads

For many marketers, the primary focus (and concern) is delivering hot leads to sales. The hotness is typically based on lead score, which in turn is derived from the interactions the lead has had with digital assets, e.g. websites, content downloads etc.


While the score is great as an indicator of interest, it decays over time. Engaging leads quickly is thus crucial to secure you are leveraging the hotness. The issue many have is a too hard focus on only the NEW leads. While they definitely are important, re-engaging or recycling of leads is too. Most companies have thousands of leads, contacts, and accounts sitting idling in their databases.


The answer is the nurturing of leads. But many simply don’t do it, Marketing Sherpa pointed out some time ago that over 70% of companies do not have a process or infrastructure for recycling leads. Often this is because of sloppy metrics and disconnected IT landscape.


So how can I as CMO stay on top of both recycled and new leads? One way of looking at it is creating a “Hot Leads Quadrant”. Having discussed it for a while internally, we decided to make it happen.


The idea:

Let’s show all hot leads/prospects based on a score and time decay quadrant. This way we clearly see who sales should be engaging with and who we need to push from marketing. As in any quadrant – the magic happens at the top right.


The application

So, in Upsales we have an advanced BI solution called Insights. We used Insights to build a dashboard of the quadrant. And now we have the result!


As you can clearly see, sales have a lot to work with – but so do we in the marketing team. Our goal should always be to get the leads to the top right.


This is one of many great reports available in Upsales for CMOs. Want to see more? Get in touch with sales today and learn how you can combine Marketing Automation, ABM, and CRM in one powerful B2B platform.