Steelwrist, which was founded in 2005, is one of Sweden’s fastest-growing industrial companies and is known for manufacturing high-quality tiltrotators, quick couplers, and other excavation equipment. If you’re unsure about what a “tiltrotator” is, just think of it as the powerful metal “wrist” on an excavator. 

In recent years, the company has expanded into many different countries and built its product range substantially. Steelwrist uses Upsales to ensure that its sales and marketing departments can quickly and consistently adapt to new markets, account for cultural preferences, and deal with all the business challenges that come from rapid expansion. 

Let’s take a closer look at Steelwrist and what they do.

What does Steelwrist do and what challenges do they face? 

Steelwrist was founded on the basis of three core values: responsiveness, simplicity, and speed. Since beginning operations in 2005, Steelwrist has been responsible for the world’s first fully steel casted tiltrotator, has expanded its product portfolio with numerous in-house industry-leading designs, and built an international team outside of Scandinavia to cater to a global market. Steelwrist now has a presence in thirty countries with its own offices in at least thirteen. 

As all companies that experience rapid expansion, you also meet some challenges along the way: 

  • Entry into new countries

Steelwrist sells in thirty countries, which creates numerous administrative problems. Along with the challenge of cultural and language differences, there are also issues of country-specific product specifications, geographically-separate sales teams (often working in separate time zones), and the need for high-level tracking of combined sales and marketing metrics. 

  • Disconnected buyer journeys

Business clients in the industrial space connect with suppliers over numerous touchpoints. Many different communication channels and numerous decision makers are involved in a typical sale. 

  • Need for a flexible CRM

Because Steelwrist has operations across the globe and is continuously expanding, it requires a flexible “centre of control”. The option to add new features to its customer relationship management (CRM) platform is a must. 

How Upsales helps Steelwrist achieve sales success 

Steelwrist puts Upsales at the centre of its customer management processes. Here are the main ways that the platform has helped foster greater efficiency and consistency of results: 

1. Quicker onboarding of new employees through good user-friendliness

Because Steelwrist is growing at such a fast pace, new people regularly join the company. This creates a need for a CRM that employees can learn to use quickly and with a minimum of training. Upsales’ intuitive dashboard, automation features, and dedicated onboarding training make it a particularly attractive option in this regard. 

2. A platform that offers adaptability

The Upsales platform that Steelwrist uses today is significantly different from the one they first purchased several years ago. As a company with an evolving market and product portfolio, it's vital that Steelwrist can work with Upsales to develop new features and functionality in accordance with its needs.

3. Monitor business activities closely with Upsales Insights

Steelwrist started using Upsales’ insights engine around a year ago, under the direction of a new sales director. The daily reporting features, which cover a range of core marketing and sales metrics, along with numerous “granular” data-types, enable Steelwrist to monitor business activities very closely. 

4. Use the same tool in separate countries with multi-language and currency quotes

Steelwrist uses Upsales as its main quotation system because the platform can manage different currencies, languages, and product formats (which often change depending on local requirements). The ability to use the same tool in separate countries is a huge advantage for Upsales, leading to significant efficiency, cost, and training benefits. 

5. Measure results at all stages of the buyer journey with full marketing and sales oversight

Business-to-business (B2B) companies have to deal with multiple contacts over the buyer journey, with many employees and involved. Because it provides high-level organizational tools, Upsales enables Steelwrist to manage client interactions in a comprehensive and unified way. It's possible to assign responsibilities, keep track of outcomes, and measure results at all stages of the buyer journey. 

6. Tighter cooperation and marketing and sales alignment by working in the same system

Marketing and sales misalignment can be a significant problem for fast-growing enterprises. Because both sales and marketing activities are managed within a single system, there is seamless communication between departments. This has led to an overall increase in performance, especially when it comes to key performance indicators (KPIs) like lead-generation, close and repeat purchase rates, client satisfaction, and more. As CEO and founder Stefan Stockhaus says, “It becomes a much tighter cooperation than it would be otherwise.”

Thinking about using Upsales in your business?

Steelwrist isn’t alone in its success. Hundreds of businesses, both large and small, have leveraged Upsales to streamline their sales activities and improve their close and retention rates. If you would like to take the platform for a test drive, you can subscribe to a 14-day free trial. Alternatively, get in touch to discuss your needs.