Organize all customer agreements automatically

Subscription is the ultimate add-on for SaaS companies who want to organize all customer agreements automatically. 

Create an ongoing revenue stream with our billing function that holds these functions: 

  • Invoicing
  • Follow-ups of the customers’ developments
  • Recurring orders
  • Renewed orders
  • Create automated follow-ups of Churn, ARR, and upsells

As you’ve probably realized by now, this covers a lot of essential grounds. 

Subscription is the perfect feature for renewable services, such as licenses and agreements, ideal for renewed annual services. 

Why you should consider Subscriptions

More importantly, it solves companies having to manage recurring business, which gives your organization full control over Renewals, Churn, and Expansions. All this and more to give you the upper-hand when tracking MRR, QRR, and ARR. Take our customers as an example. We have customers who use this function for 10-50,000 SEK ongoing subscriptions.

Upsales recommend combining the Subscriptions with the add-on Insights, where you can see a forecast of how much you’ve increased in revenue compared to last year, and what the subscription dates look like. We also recommend combining with an ERP-app for automated billing and Insights for a full analytics view.

This article explains every look in the ARR Insights-dashboard: ARR Insights.

ARR is the value of the recurring revenue of a business's term subscriptions normalized for a single calendar year.