Create motivation and display your achievements with Sales TV

Let’s not fool anyone. Working with numbers can be exhausting, but what would you say if you could create moments in the office, celebrate numbers, achieve revenue insights, and display each salesperson’s wins?

With the add-on Sales TV, you can enable the above and much more. Below are some of the features you can access: 

  • Gamification
  • Sales Competitions
  • Display real-time insights 
  • Increase your sales with gamification

Create motivation and display your achievements. Nothing beats seeing the results of your labor. No matter if it’s in leads, revenue, booked appointments, or just excellent customer service. If someone on your team has gotten a gold star for good work, showcase it for everyone. 

As the cherry on top, you can also upload a short film that "takes over" the TV screen when a sale is created in Upsales, with a short snippet of the person who won the sales deal. It’s a fun way of making everyone in the office look up from one screen to another and give that person a high-five. 

Challenge your colleagues with sales competitions

  • You choose what you will measure, which figures are to be displayed, and when you have reached your set goals.
  • Upsales Sales TV is your channel that shows statistics of the team's performance.
  • Add images of the prize for an extra incentive from your team to reach the target and win the competition.


Display your insights in real-time

Upsales Sales TV works as a dashboard designed for large screens. It downloads real-time insights data from Upsales and focuses on the most important key figures. 

You can display everything from how many calls your sales team makes daily and real-time sales to create a healthy competitive spirit within your organization.