Maximize your sales process

Depending on your business, your Sales Board cards may include other information than the ones provided in the default version.

Would you instead want the amount to be at the top, then you can adjust it under settings. Not all companies want to show the amount of money, but rather the, i.e., the quantity of sold items. This feature enables you to design your business card based on what you need to see. 


This feature has proved successful for several reasons. Be able to connect several contact people to a business opportunity to indicate their business opportunity role. For example:

  • Decision-makers
  • Project managers
  • Influencers, or any other title. You can edit the titles you wish to add in the Sales Board under Business Opportunity

Why Sales Process?

Depending on which business opportunity it’s,  it’s essential to pinpoint who’s the one with the most power to win a business opportunity.