With Upsales Insights you get a fully-fledged Business Intelligence solution

With Upsales you get a strong foundation for sales analytics.

With Insights, you can:

  • See how your organization is performing
  • Get detailed reports covering your sales and marketing statistics
  • See how long it takes to close an appointment
  • See who bought A but not B and much more
  • Create rapports on all the data that you have
  • Schedule automatic emailing of reports to other emails, slack/teams, as well as other systems.

Gather all your data in your Upsales CRM and keep full track of your most important KPI’s. Insights is a Business Intelligence service built by Looker (Google) with no need for consulting. However, if you wish to sharpen your reports even more, we can offer consulting services. With Insights, you gain access to 50+ standard reports that cover the majority of your follow-up needs.

Companies use Insights to better understand their best-performing lead sources (i.e., your website and Linkedin), find the most qualified leads, and identify what works and what doesn’t. As you might realize, this will, without a doubt, come in handy for sales companies of all sizes. A large part of our offer is that you also can connect Insights to several data sources.

Gather all your information and draw better conclusions of where to put marketing efforts to increase qualified leads. Upsales Insights makes it possible to combine data from, i.e., your financial and business system with your project management and time reporting. "