Powerful Event Marketing

Reach the right people for your event, with Event Marketing

Event Marketing is a feature that enables your company to reach out to their existing customers and reach new prospects. This is done easily by creating webinars or seminars, which is very flexible considering that Upsales Events offers ready-made templates and scheduled invitations, waiting lists, and more that’s already populated with your company profile.

Events are, i.e., designed to give your company the broadest possible reach. Lead your customers to the right surveys and landing pages through Event Marketing. 

You can create templates and landing pages for an event in Upsales without having to buy Upsales Events. The downside with that is that those then become separate Assets in Upsales. The upside with Events, however, is that all the events gather in one place. From there, they populate with the same information, which in turn eliminates risk and minimizes error with, i.e., incorrect details such as date, time, and location. 

Another advantage of events is that it’s already a part of your existing Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Marketing Automation tool (MA), meaning you don’t need to have double or triple databases with participants who are leads. Who otherwise simply would fall between the chairs and take a lot of difficult administration time. 

With our solution, you can gather information about all participants in one place.  Salespeople and marketers love events because they can easily see if their customers and prospects are coming to tomorrow's breakfast event or webinar. Therefore, they have a simple icebreaker for the new contact.

The first step in getting people to attend your event is to reach out to them

Make it possible with these functions: 

  • Create a Custom Domain 
  • Create relevant landing pages and forms with automated functions
  • Create targeted online advertisements (ABM)
  • Create automated emails

Check-in participants

Keeping track of who’s been to your event is key to creating a rewarding follow-up after the event. Upsales Event Check-in Mode makes checking in your participants effortless. It’s both available in your browser, in your Upsales mobile app, and you don’t need to have an Upsales account. 

Analyze and improve your events

To create successful events, you continuously need to improve and evaluate. This applies to increasing the number of registrations and knowing which channels generate the most registrations for a specific target group. Upsales Events gives you clear insights into what works and, at the same time, connects you with the people who came to your event.