At Upsales, security is our top priority. We care about keeping your account safe, protecting your privacy, and building a trusted service. In Upsales add-on Enterprise Security, we’ve created well-need tools such as: 

  • Upsales Admins. 
    • Keep your Upsales account and members safe. 
  • Single Sign-On
  • Login IP-restrictions
  • 2FA (two-factor authentication) SMS code
  • Advanced role access
    • Hide custom fields, stages, and more based on roles.

In this day and age, as technology is getting more advanced, hackers up their game. Save yourself from getting a headache, securing your company from intruders should come as a top priority. Here are some more useful tips and functions. 

Manage apps with care

When you activate an app in Upsales, you give the app owner access to your account. As an administrator in Upsales, you can choose which apps to install. You can deactivate an app at any time if you don't use it, just go to the specific app in our directory and click inactivate. 

Limit who has access

Upsales is all about sharing information between coworkers to close more deals. That's why we give Upsales administrators the control who gets invited to become an Upsales user. 

Manage who has access to your account:

  • Deactivate members’ accounts as soon as they don’t need access.
    Change is constant, and people come and go. Don’t forget to deactivate a member’s account when they leave. When you do, you will free one license, and you can easily create a new user. 
  • Use roles to restrict which information your users should have access to.
  • Use user roles to get full control over which information your users can access, export, and delete.

IP restriction

IP restriction is an extra layer of sign-in security. With IP-restrictions turned on, members can only log in from IP-addresses you account administrators choose to accept. IP restriction ensures that even if a password is stolen or compromised, access won’t get granted unless you try to log in from your accepted IP-address.