By using custom web domains when publishing your landing pages with Upsales Events, will give your website a more exact purpose, which in turn will make for a more memorable experience for your visitors. 

Run traffic through your domain

Not everyone has SEO knowledge. If you’re one of these people, we recommend you learn the basics. As the owner of a website, it’s good to become friends with the analytics, especially if you want to draw visitors in. Domains rank differently depending on varied factors. 

  • If click rate is high or low
  • Depending on the search word relevancy
  • If it’s considered as a trusted entity
  • If you have a custom domain

If your domain is considered as trusted, the risk of it ending as spam is low. You will, in turn, rank higher in your search engine. The alternative is the risk of your domain getting banned. 

Brand consistency is key

Imagine being on the receiving end of an email with a CTA button to, i.e., a webinar. In most cases, the domain URL will look something like, but if you have your own custom domain, it will instead look like this 

You can even have your sub-domain, i.e. Do you see the difference between the two? Which one would you consider to be more trustworthy? Creating an exact brand is important for any business that creates leads for sales purposes. If you repeatedly invite prospects and customers to events, seminars, and webinars, this is for you. 

Run traffic through your domain 

Using custom domains is useful for everyone, from small to big companies. However, if you are a company that manages big budgets, it will be very beneficial to track the incoming leads, leading to potential customers.