Maximize sales within the same business group

Cross Sales is about taking care of the company within the company group you have already sold or have customers. 

Suppose you, i.e., sell to a media company and have managed to get into a subsidiary within a big group. In that case, you can see the entire group with the help of cross-selling, which shows all subsidiaries within the company and which you have sold to and with whom you have had a dialogue with and the companies you never processed. 

By enabling the Cross Sales add-on Upsales CRM, you get: 

See the entire company tree, meaning seeing all subsidiaries and potential sales opportunities when buying companies from Bisnode Nordic. It is possible to get more Bisnode credits to buy more company data. When you search for companies, you can display the company tree in the Nordic Region for both single purchases and buying in bulk.

Once you’ve found the potential leads, let the sales team take over:

Either as a cold call or through an existing contact person who might provide you with a referral, recommendation, or contact information.  

A strong argument for why a CRM user in a Key Account Manager role could benefit from Cross Sales is that he/she can keep track of all the companies inside the big groups. It simplifies the workload and makes everything flow effortlessly. 

It’s an advantage to have Cross Sales Addon for the CRM. It’s both comfortable and clear to understand, not to mention you don’t have to switch between systems. You have all the information you need in one place.