Use one CRM and MA-platform across all of your company’s profile

Brands is a function or an add-on, as we call it at Upsales, which allows you to get a birds-eye view of your entire company and filter through the central company umbrella. Say goodbye to headaches, and hello to smooth functions. 

Imagine having several sub-companies, departments, or profiles, where each has its team of salespeople and MRR, QRR, and ARR financial targets. Upsales has summed all the mentioned under one term, Brands. Having more than one brand creates all kinds of issues when it comes to Marketing Automation (MA), and the only solution, up until now, has been to buy several MA-platforms with complex integrations that never work. 

Upsales Brands allows you to: Use one CRM and MA-platform across all of your company’s profile. Our function enables your company to reach your brand-specific target audiences without mixing lead scores, conversions, or GDPR-data.

Which companies this is a perfect solution for

Does your company have subsidiaries, or are they a part of a bigger group? Keep reading. 

Upsales created Brands because our customers felt they needed a smoother way to keep track of all of their profiles. Imagine you are Company X. 

You keep growing and decide to start Company X Group. Later you create Company X Recruitment, so on and so forth. Before Brands, all three companies had different platforms, making it unclear to follow up on numbers and confusing to differentiate email from the sender, not to mention, difficult to track leads. 

With our solution, you can use one CRM and MA-platform in total and switch between companies (Brands) as if switching between users. 

Do like Upsales client Wise Group for example, who uses Brands to filter through their seven profiles to save time and resources that could be used elsewhere. 

Optimize your website for optimal organizing and ultimate control

To get a bit more technical, your brands share one Upsales account. Each brand has separate lead management such as different company profiles, emails, forms & landing pages, targeted advertising, and website tracking. All of these, while still having the benefit of shared sales data.