Integrate Univid with Upsales Event

Automate and collect your webinar data directly in Upsales with Univid. Remove administration from your marketing team, save labour time and gather data ready for lead scoring.


Create a smooth integration between Upsales and Univid

Convert more webinar attendees: Univid lets you create engaging and branded webinars in less than 60 seconds. Use CTA-buttons and interactions to drive up to 50% more conversions from your webinars. Deep analytics and lead scoring in real-time. Save time, automate your webinar workflow with personal links and a two-way sync to Upsales.


How the integration works between Upsales and Univid

  • Automatic creation of the Univid webinar invites and signups can be done directly via Upsales.
  • The mails support personal direct access links to Univid, with the possibility to get back engagement data into Upsales – including CTA clicks.
  • Attendees are automatically checked in to Upsales Event module.
  • Gather leads or invite existing leads via Upsales.
  • Supports Upsales Event, up and coming on-demand mode.

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What is Univid? 

Univid is a webinar platform used to create graphically branded and interactive webinars in less than 60 seconds. Create unique webinars and take your digital meetings to the next level. Find out more at

Reduce administration for marketers with the integration between Upsales and Univid

Integrating Univid with Upsales streamlines marketing efforts, significantly saving time by automating tasks like registration, reminders, and follow-ups. Marketers can focus on content, engagement and driving conversions while real-time data sync provides insights for decision-making. This integration enhances efficiency, boosts engagement, and accelerates marketing success.

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