Key Features of the Fortnox app

  • Sync products from your Fortnox article register to Upsales
  • Choose to send won orders as invoices or orders to Fortnox
  • Possible to send offer to Fortnox at a certain stage in Upsales
  • Orders created in Fortnox will be synced to Upsales

What’s Fortnox?

Fortnox is an ERP platform that solves your administration and financing needs. Simple and effective. Find out more at

How does the app work?

Fortnox article register will sync with products in Upsales, allowing products to get the right pricing and connect with available stock. Orders or invoices will be sent to Fortnox when reaching won opportunity-stage in Upsales. Also possible to send an offer at a certain stage. If an order is created in Fortnox on an available company/contact in Upsales, the order will be synced.

Learn how to install this app here.

Upsales Fortnox Premium app

There is also a Fortnox Premium app version which offers additional field settings on orders and companies 

Additional features for Fortnox Premium:

  • Set delivery address other than invoicing address
  • Set delivery date other than invoicing date
  • Set cost-centre for order
  • Set cost-centre for company
  • Add comments to order
  • Set invoice delivery to either email or printing invoice