In this special episode of Meet the CEOs, we meet Brent Adamson, one of the featured experts in our newly released "The CEO's Playbook to Complex Sales". 

Brent Adamson works as Global Head of Research and Advisory at Ecosystems and is known for having "The biggest crystal ball in B2B sales". He is one of the co-authors behind the widely successful "The Challenger Sale" and "The Challenger Customer".

In this special episode, you can hear an in-depth interview with Brent about how to win bigger deals and the evolution of sales. Read more hereā  for more information about the 130-page playbook packed with actionable advice from Brent, John McMahon, Jack Napoli and many more.

Tune in to hear what Brent has to share:

  • The challenger sale model: How it impacts B2B sales by challenging conventional sales approaches.
  • Why you should get your sales reps to act like consultants and go from product-centric to solution-oriented sales.
  • Strategies for helping customers navigate the overwhelming amount of information and choices available.
  • How sales professionals can effectively build stronger connections with customers
  • How technology impacts sales: Implications for the future of B2B sales especially with AI. 





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