3 ways to Leverage MEDDPICC for Closing Larger Deals

Pim is the CRO at MEDDICC and co-host of The MedMen Show podcast. Pim became the CRO after being their customer. He brought MEDDPICC to life for the company´s founder, Andy Whyte. Pim is also working alongside Dick Dunkel, the creator of MEDDICC.

Pim Roelofsen


Pim Roelofsen

Want to move upmarket? We recently released The CEO's Strategic Playbook to Complex Sales, featuring Pim Roelofsen and seven other world-renowned experts. In this article, you'll be able to read his top 3 takeaways from the playbook.

The CEO's Strategic Playbook to Complex Sales helps B2B companies with 100-2000 employees to create value-focused sales teams. This 130-page playbook features insights from 8 global sales legends, including John McMahon (The Qualified Sales Leader) and Brent Adamson (The Challenger Customer). It contains essential learnings for scaling revenue efficiently, mastering value-focused selling, and winning bigger deals.

1 / Build a culture of trust around a single language

It's important to create a culture where people can be honest. 

They should feel empowered to share the gaps in their deals and pipelines. 

High-performers want to do a good job. And if they can be honest and build a solution from everyone's wisdom, that's not just a powerful solution for them, but for the company too. 

A common language, like MEDDIC, makes it easier to understand each other and pinpoint areas that need development.

2 / Not all customers are good for you

Far too many companies take every deal they get.

People must ask themselves: what does a good customer profile look like for us?

Not only in terms of what we can win but also what a good win is for us. 

What will get us to profitable growth rather than just growth?

3 / Don't keep MEDDPIC a secret

You can say: 

"Hey, we use this framework called MEDDIC; you might have heard of it. Well, one of the elements is, for example, the champion. I think that you are that person for us. And here's why."

It can often empower and build up your champion even more.

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