In this webinar with Upsales CEO Daniel Wikberg, the conversation focuses on identifying financially secure companies during uncertain times.

With so much global economic instability in the world, due in part to rising prices, the knock-on effect of Covid, and the war in Ukraine, the hosts discuss how you can cut through the noise and identify companies breaking the norm by showing the signs of financial security.

Top Three Takeaways

  • How to use data to identify which businesses continue to run effectively.
  • Resilient companies play defence and offence simultaneously, and history shows us that.
  • Proactivity and taking responsibility for a situation are always essential.

What can we learn from history?

In a recent McKinsey & Company study, the data shows that companies who act proactively in a period of crisis are often the ones that are much better off ten years down the line.

“We are early in the crisis right now, and everybody has a responsibility to be proactive and ensure they are ready for if and when all the consequences come”, explains Daniel.

In the 2008 study, the data showed that those who reacted quickly became much more profitable businesses ten years later.

Daniel attributes this to two main factors. 

“In general, in good times, things are easy, and there are a lot of companies and entrepreneurs getting investments they might not be qualified to handle. However, when a crisis hits, what you see unfolding is a clear A team and a B team.”

The Impact on Capital Markets: Ukraine vs Covid-19

“When a crisis hits, the natural reaction is to panic and think it’s binary, and all revenue and all customers will disappear, but that’s not the case”, explains Daniel in the webinar. “In every crisis, there are winners and losers. There are companies who go perform better in a crisis, which are not affected so much, and there are companies that are affected much more.”

As Daniel explains, it is, therefore, essential that you target the right industries when you do your outreach but also focus plenty of time and effort on your existing customer base.

But it’s not all bad news!

While we are certainly heading into a sustained period of financial uncertainty and difficulty, it’s not all doom and gloom!

Daniel explains there are still many financially secure companies for you to target with your outreach.

He explains that it is more essential than ever to hyper-target and be more picky with the targets you go after. Rank competitors based on cash flow, total debt compared to revenue, and other key factors.

Keep things simple, be proactive, and there you will see your business continue to succeed, even in times of crisis.

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