In this episode of Meet the CEOs, we meet one of Sweden’s most famous multi-entrepreneurs, Shervin Razani, who founded six successful companies.

Many recognize him as one of the investors in the Swedish program "Draknästet" and as the CEO and founder of the thriving company Jurek, one of the fastest-growing staffing and recruitment agencies in the Nordics. Shervin is a six-time gazelle winner, and in 2021, he was named the Pioneer of the Year by the Swedish King.

Tune in to hear what Shervin has to share:

1/ The importance of being cautious during periods of growth to ensure stability when market conditions change.

2/ How a strong, honest sales culture within a company can significantly improve operational efficiency and effectiveness.

3/ Why networking is a crucial element in consultancy and staffing industries.

4/ The staffing industry's challenges 

5/ Shervin´s personal lessons on the importance of timely decision-making in business.





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