In the Revenue Journal Ranking 2024, Svea Solar is acknowledged as one of the fastest-growing B2B companies over 100MSEK in Sweden, with 66,50% growth in 2022.

Svea Solar ranks 20th out of 112 companies. 

Read more about the Revenue Journal Ranking 2024 here.

Listen to hear more about: 

1 / Rapid Growth and Revenue Milestones: Explore Svea Solar’s impressive journey from 0 to 2 billion SEK in revenue within a decade.

 2 / Transition from Bootstrapping to External Investment: Understand how Svea Solar shifted from self-funding to raising external capital to fuel its expansion.

3 / Importance of Customer-Centric Offerings and Service: Learn about Svea Solar’s innovative approach to providing comprehensive solar solutions tailored to customer needs.

4 / Strategies for Cost Efficiency and Market Expansion: Gain insights into the methods Svea Solar uses to maintain efficiency while scaling across Europe.

5 / The Role of Team Culture and Employee Engagement: Discover how Svea Solar fosters a culture of innovation and efficiency to drive growth and retain talent.




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