Utilizing MEDDIC as a tool for growth

Jack is often refered to as the Godfather of MEDDICC. He started his sales in Software Sales in 1981 and became the fourth sales rep and 32nd employee of PTC. Jack helped grow PTC to 800 reps and over 5.500 employees, to become one of the first application software companies to a $1B company.

Jack Napoli

Owner of sales MEDDIC group

Jack Napoli

Owner of sales MEDDIC group
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1 / Don't use MEDDIC as an interrogation tool

People get this wrong all the time. 

They take MEDDIC and use it as an interrogation tool. 

Where are your metrics? 

Take me to the Economic Buyer!

If you start going down that track, the only thing you're doing to find is the security officer escorting you out the front door. 

Instead, treat it as keynotes for a conversation.

2 / MEDDIC is both a carrot and a stick

The easiest way to integrate MEDDIC is to lead with the frontline managers. 

"Used correctly, MEDDIC is both a carrot and a stick. 

Where most companies go wrong is going to the stick too soon. 

Do you know the Decision Process? Have you identified the pain? 

MEDDIC, as an inspection tool, can be good, but if you only use it as a stick to beat people with, people get afraid of it, run away from it, and don't use it. 

Plus, inspection without coaching is just micromanagement. And no one needs that."

3 / Be honest with your forecasts

"The easiest person to lie to when you're forecasting is yourself. 

The second easiest person to lie to is your boss. 

Because nobody really wants to change the number. 

But what MEDDIC did is it helped us look in the mirror, not out the window, to fix the problems.

When you ask these tough questions with MEDDIC, you uncover bad news. And the sooner you get the bad news, the more time you have to deal with it."

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