The author behind Mega Deals Secrets shares his 3 top tips on how to sell larger deals

With over 20 years of experience, Jamal Reimer closed multiple $50m deals as an individual contributor enterprise seller. He is also author of the best selling book, Mega Deal Secrets. Jamal is the founder of the Enterprise Sellers Community and has helped hundreds of sellers to sell the largest deals of their lives.

Jamal Reimer

Founder at Enterprise Seller

Jamal Reimer

Founder at Enterprise Seller
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1 / Don’t aim too high when contacting big companies

If you manage to engage a super senior executive and get them on a call, you might successfully excite them about your value proposition. They may even promise to connect you with the right person on their team. 

However, there's a significant risk that that person will not respond or will not have anywhere near the enthusiasm the super senior executive had.

When that happens, the trick is to ensure you’ve maintained a path back to the senior executive.

2 / Don’t be too late reaching out to senior people

Getting power as early as possible is really important to close larger strategic deals. 

“Either you pitch them, and they bite, and then you know you’ll have senior interest, if not senior support, along the way. 

Or they’ll say, ‘sorry, this isn’t on our roadmap’, or ‘this isn’t what I would do’, or ‘you’re not the vendor I would choose.’ 

And that is good news, as you’ve saved yourself nine to 18 months of tying up your best people into a complex deal that will drain your resources.”

3 / Keep an eye on the Economic Buyer

You can’t rely on a formulaic linear sales play when going after complex deals. 

The landscape is much broader, and the number of stakeholders is higher.

If things aren’t moving, even if you’ve engaged senior executives, it’s likely because you haven’t involved the Economic Buyer early enough or created a strategy that addresses their particular concerns.

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