How to sell with your buyer and not to them

Nate has spent his whole career in B2B sales and is the co-founder of Fluint. Nate is also the writer behind The Enterprise Sales Playbook, in which he teaches a simple premise: how to sell with your buyer and not to them.

Nate Nasralla

Co-founder of Fluint

Nate Nasralla

Co-founder of Fluint
Want to move upmarket? We recently released The CEO's Strategic Playbook to Complex Sales, featuring Pim Roelofsen and seven other world-renowned experts. In this article, you'll be able to read his top 3 takeaways from the playbook.

The CEO's Strategic Playbook to Complex Sales helps B2B companies with 100-2000 employees to create value-focused sales teams. This 130-page playbook features insights from 8 global sales legends, including John McMahon (The Qualified Sales Leader) and Brent Adamson (The Challenger Customer). It contains essential learnings for scaling revenue efficiently, mastering value-focused selling, and winning bigger deals.

1 / Don't chase the fancy title

A common mistake sales reps make is thinking people with high-ranking titles get things done. 

However, a study by Carta showed that the same nine individuals typically make 70% of all decisions within a company. 

So, a great question to ask is: who would you turn to for advice? 

That will help you identify informal decision-makers. Make sure to contact them, and possibly also develop into a champion.

2 / Influence, information and incentive make a strong champion

The potential of a champion relies on three things. 

Influence: They have to be able to change internal conversations. 

Information: They must know how to navigate the social network and the political dynamics to get things done. 

Incentive: There has to be a personal win in it for them. What’s keeping them attached to the deal, especially when it gets tough?

3 / Ticking off tasks is not the same as closing deals

Be careful of creating pipelines full of tasks that give a sense of activity but with no actual productivity. 

A sales rep might be doing a third of the activity of other reps but focus on the most significant value opportunities, like actually writing a business case. 

That will inevitably slow things down.

But at the end of the day, it's all about revenue.

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