Enhancing Customer Self-Service

Upsales' technology enables media companies to implement robust self-service systems. "Our platform allows end customers to upgrade and purchase additional services without the need for direct interaction with sales staff," Daniel explains. This capability is crucial for freeing up your sales team to tackle more complex sales strategies rather than routine transactions.

Seamless Integration for Revenue Automation

A cornerstone of Upsales' approach involves integrating revenue automation and subscription billing into existing systems like ad servers and user interfaces. "This seamless integration allows your customers to effortlessly purchase more services, which in turn increases the average revenue per account (ARPA) while reducing the overall cost of sales," says Daniel.

Automating Upsell Opportunities

The Upsales platform automates the upsell process, capturing additional campaign revenues automatically where possible. "Automating these upsell opportunities significantly lowers the cost of sales and accelerates the time to value," Daniel notes. This not only boosts revenue but also improves the service experience, making the platform more responsive and user-friendly.

Data-Driven Marketing Initiatives

Utilising data effectively is key to targeting upsell opportunities. "Our system analyses customer data to identify potential upsells automatically," Daniel discusses. For example, if data indicates that a customer who purchased one product might benefit from another, the system can initiate targeted marketing campaigns across various channels, including in-app notifications and emails.

Strategic Role of Sales Teams

Despite the focus on automation, the human element remains crucial. "Our platform notifies salespeople when their involvement is needed, ensuring that they step in only when automated systems fall short," he adds. This strategy ensures that sales efforts are concentrated where they have the most impact, balancing automation and personal customer engagement.


Daniel Wikberg’s insights underscore a strategic approach to product-led growth, emphasising automation, integration, and intelligent use of data. For CEOs of media companies, implementing these strategies through platforms like Upsales can transform customer interactions and drive revenue growth efficiently, enabling a sharper focus on broadening market reach and enhancing customer satisfaction.