With the Customer Portfolio you'll be able to monitor your customer base, spot trends, and proactively manage risks and take action before issues escalate.

Read more below to understand how the customer portfolio can unlock valuable insights into your business and ensure your smart decisions going forward.

Customer Overview Page

On our customer overview page you'll be served with insights about your business performance over the past 12 months compared to the corresponding period prior to that. Here are insights you'll be able to get:

  • Buying Companies Trends: Track trends in the number of buying companies compared to the previous period.
  • Total Sales Insights: Get an overview of total sales and its trends.
  • Sales Distribution: Understand how sales are distributed among existing customers, new customers, and what you could have gained with better customer retention.
  • Lost Customers Analysis: Identify customers who haven't made purchases in the last year.
  • Industry Breakdown: Dive deep into sales contributions by industry segments.imageoyxuq.png

Customer Risk Page

In the Customer Risk Page you can identify the share of risk in your customer portfolio, and make sure that you can proactively mitigate the risk. 

  • Risk Distribution: Understand customers at a high risk, potential risk, or no risk, and see how these categories are distributed across industries.
  • Credit Rating Insights: Gain a clear picture of credit ratings (and risk for bankruptcy) within your portfolio.
  • Incoming Risks List: Stay ahead of potential challenges with a curated list of incoming risks on your customers, such as payment issues, bankruptcies or credit rating changes.

How to get started:

This feature is in Beta and available upon request. To be able to see risk data, you need the add-on Company Data Hub. You can try Company Data Hub for free during 7 days. Please contact your account manager or our dedicated support@upsales.com to gain access to the Customer Portfolio.

We're committed to continually enhancing Customer Portfolio to provide you with even more valuable insights and features in the future. By being part of our Beta-release your feedback and insights will be crucial to shape the direction of this tool.