Why focus on the sales ratio

The easiest thing to increase your sales number would be to reach out to more clients, right? But as with everything, time is a limitation, and you might also have a limited number of targets to reach out to.

At Upsales, we have always been inspired by the Sales Guru, Stephan Schiffman.

After helping sales organizations grow since 2003, we know there are many tips and tricks on how to boost your sales performance. 

Schiffman suggests that every successful salesperson should instead focus on improving sales ration. Also, in our own experience, the best and (only?) example of when you can increase your sales performance solely by increasing the number of times you pick up your phone is during the onboarding of new salespersons. 

So, except for increasing the numbers of total dials made, Schiffman suggests there are four other potential ways to improve our sales performance:

  • Improve the ratio between dials and completed calls
  • Improve the ratio between my completed calls and my total appointments
  • Improve the closing ratio
  • Improve the dollars to total sales

These are four important aspects to keep in mind when we look at the sales process as a whole. Upsales has since it was launched in 2003 had a heavy focus on simplifying the sales process. We will look closer at this, and how to connect your sales ratio to the sales process, in our next blog post which will be about how to master the sales process.

So look out for our next post soon, meanwhile, consider where you have the biggest potential of improving your sales ratio?

And remember “Selling is not a numbers game; selling is a ratios game” - Stephan Schiffman.

If you are curious about Stephan Schiffman, we have invited him to participate in two webinars. You can see the webinars in our Learning Center.