The CEO of Malmqvist reveals how they achieved 125% revenue growth

“Keep a strong company culture and make sure everyone enjoys coming to work.”

Simon Becker

CEO of Malmqvist Byggnads

Simon Becker

CEO of Malmqvist Byggnads
This special edition of the Growing B2B Revenue newsletter features an interview with Malmqvist's CEO, Simon Becker, whose company ranked 6th in the Revenue Journal Ranking 2024. The ranking lists Sweden's fastest-growing companies over 100 MSEK.

Exclusive interview with Simon Becker

"We're a construction company primarily working with private property owners," Simon says. Despite a struggling market, they achieved substantial organic growth during 2022. 

Today, 16 people work at Malmqvist Byggnads , all contributing to sales in some way. "We specialise in local rental adaptations in Stockholm and have recently expanded slightly towards the industrial sector", Simon mentions.

New leadership, hiring and better processes 

"I started as CEO in 2022, and while changing management, we also built up the organisation. We broadened the expertise internally by hiring site managers from various backgrounds," Simon explains.

"Now, we have experts in everything from renovation to large-scale projects. Despite being a small team, this has given us a wide range of in-house expertise, allowing us to take on more projects and grow revenue successfully.” 

Simon Becker, CEO of Malmqvist. Photo: Simon Becker.

Next on the agenda: International expansion

Going forward, Simon’s plan is to maintain stability during the downturn by managing costs and preparing for a strong 2025. “With a solid customer portfolio and trust, you'll survive. And that is something we have,” he explains. Malmqvist consistently goes the extra mile for their customers, a strategy that has yielded significant success.

Simon's advice to other CEOs is: "Ensure everyone enjoys coming to work, and you can achieve more together than you think. Hire for both skills and cultural fit. Everyone values a fun workplace, so organise activities to strengthen team bonds."


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