The CEO and Co-founder of Aprilice shares how they achieved 281% growth

"Helping solar companies grow faster." That's the mission driving Aprilice's impressive growth. Founded in 2012, Aprilice has expanded sustainably without any external capital until September 2023, focusing on reinvesting profits to accelerate the transition to renewable energy.

Jing-Wei Cheng

CEO & Co-founder of Aprilice

Jing-Wei Cheng

CEO & Co-founder of Aprilice
This special edition of the Growing B2B Revenue newsletter features an interview with Aprilice's CEO & Co-founder, Jing-Wei Cheng, whose company ranked 1st in the Revenue Journal Ranking 2024. The ranking lists Sweden's fastest-growing companies over 100 MSEK.

Enabling efficient growth for solar companies

"Our strength is in enabling our customers to expand and operate efficiently," Jing-Wei explains. 

Aprilice aims to build something large-scale and accessible to the general public. They provide the latest products at competitive prices, helping their customers stay ahead of competitors.

“We have a long history in the solar industry," Jing-Wei emphasizes. "Having completed 10,000 projects and supplied many more, we deeply understand the products and industry challenges." Aprilice also shares this expertise through their Aprilice Academy.

Aprilice helps solar companies and electrical installers in Sweden by offering a backend solution that simplifies the sale of solar panels. Today, there are approximately 150 employees, varying slightly seasonally.

How Aprilice grew 281% in 2022

Aprilice's growth in 2022 resulted from a blend of sustained profitability, favourable market conditions, and strategic infrastructure investments.

 "We have always been cautious with risk and capacity, gradually opening our platform to more customers," Jing-Wei says. 

"By 2020, we were ready for expansion, coinciding with a booming solar market."

Aprilice never explicitly planned for growth. Instead, they focused on delivering value to their customers. By prioritizing customer needs and committing to quality and efficiency, growth naturally followed. 

Based in Täby, Aprilice has built a strong reputation and trust over the years. "Consistency in our delivery and support has retained our customers since 2012," Jing-Wei notes. "Long-term relationships and reliability are crucial."

Next on the agenda: International expansion

Aprilice recently entered the Norwegian market and aims to become the leading solar wholesaler there. They also plan to expand into other European countries, all managed from their Täby office. 

"We focus on providing the right pricing and timely deliveries to support the industry's operations," Jing-Wei states.

Aprilice faces the challenge of integrating solar energy into municipal and commercial property portfolios amid new regulatory landscapes. "Our biggest challenge is tackling the new regulatory changes, along with ensuring we have the right technology and market strategy," Jing-Wei explains. "Staying at the forefront of technological advancements is essential."

Maintain a balanced view on growth

Jing-Wei's best advice for other CEOs is to consider maintaining a balanced view on growth. 

"Enjoy the journey, without pursuing growth for its own sake. We are here for our customers, focusing on long-term profitability and quality. Building long-term partnerships is the most effective approach for us."

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