J2 Sourcing's CEO on how they grew 137% in revenue

With an expansion primarly fueled by self-funding, J2 Sourcing is one of the fastest growing companies over 100MSEK in annual revenue.

Jörgen Eriksson

CEO of J2 Sourcing

Jörgen Eriksson

CEO of J2 Sourcing
This special edition of the Growing B2B Revenue newsletter features an interview with J2 Sourcing's CEO, Jörgen Eriksson, whose company ranked 4th in the Revenue Journal Ranking 2024. The ranking lists Sweden's fastest-growing companies over 100 MSEK.

Exclusive interview with Jörgen Eriksson

"Reimagine supply chain." That’s the motto driving J2 Sourcing's impressive growth. Today, they have 100 employees, including 30 people working in sales. Their expansion has primarily been fueled by self-funding.

Solving supply chain problems drove growth

"Our success lies in our extensive global network," Jörgen explains. J2 Sourcing's ability to solve supply chain problems was particularly crucial during 2020-2022 when many companies struggled to source electronic components, including semiconductors.

"We are problem solvers," Jörgen emphasizes. "We have an extensive network of suppliers all over the world. We know where to go and who to ask for any component." J2 Sourcing doesn’t manufacture anything itself but leverages its network of independent suppliers to deliver any component needed in the electronics industry.

Jörgen Eriksson, CEO of J2 Sourcing. Photo: J2 Sourcing.

Global turbulence raised demand and prices

The turbulence in the world has increased demand and raised general price levels, further fueling J2 Sourcing’s growth. When Jörgen shares his best advice with other CEOs, he says, "Plan for every scenario. Have pre-made plans in your desk drawer on what to do in good and bad times so you don’t need to act reactively."

Today, their biggest challenge lies in finding even more high-quality suppliers and talent acquisition, especially within procurement.


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