Schedule dashboards and reports straight to your inbox

Streamline your reporting with automated tasks to share reports and dashboards. Your Sales manager gets visibility and control over the pipeline, the board of directors a monthly overview, whilst the marketing coordinator can enjoy a fresh report every morning of yesterday's hottest leads. It's all up to you!

Schedule dashboards and reports

Knowing your KPIs is crucial for any business looking to create growth

Get a deeper understanding of how the sales team's efforts have a direct effect on results with Sales Analytics. All Upsales customers get a robust reporting feature for all your sales and activity data. 

Get a fully-fledged Business Intelligence solution in your CRM

Get the right answers with our add-on Upsales Insights. With Upsales Insights you can both use our comprehensive standard reports and build your own advanced reports by combining all your sales and marketing data.

What can your combined business intelligence tell you?

Collect all your data and make informed decisions. Upsales Insights enables you to connect data from multiple data sources. Combine marketing and sales data from Upsales with time reporting, ERP or support systems to understand the full view of your business.

Draw accurate conclusions from your marketing activity data

Marketing Analytics provides you with insights and knowledge to choose the right path. How long is the process from first visit through to lead and then to a closed deal? Visualize your target list and segment by industry, size, and all the data available to you through Upsales. Come full circle by seeing which marketing activities are generating the best results.