Visual Art is a leading full-service agency within digital communication channels. They have customers in 32 countries and over 200 million in revenues. The company has used Upsales to optimize their sales organization for over 10 years now - a period which has been marked by strong growth.

Visual Art is currently aiming for an IPO and the primary goal is to continue their international expansion. Anders Hansson, Sales Director, says that it is important to get their colleagues in neighboring countries up and running as fast as possible: 

“A huge benefit when using Upsales is that our international sales teams can find similar customers as the ones we have are having a big success with here in Sweden.”

But it is not only prospecting that is important to the company. 

“With Upsales BI-solution “Insights” we have been given a very useful tool to be able to measure the performance across different countries. It is a fantastic system where we and the management team can monitor all of the different data and KPIs that we need to be able to maintain a healthy business in each and every market.”

Do you want to know more about how Visual Art managed to grow from 30 to 130 customers with Upsales? Click play above to see the whole interview with Anders.