Tjejer Kodar - Barcelona

A few weeks ago I set out on a brand new kind of adventure together with my colleague Nathalie. With our bags packed we flew south towards Spain ready for a week in sunny Barcelona. The heavy humidity hit us hard as we arrived so we grabbed a taxi and headed to the Olympic Village where were staying. After a dip in the pool and some unpacking we found ourselves strolling towards a 25-story five-star hotel and taking the elevator to the rooftop. It was here our week began...

Say hello to 100 Tjejer Kodar!

This was basically a late summer camp for 100 women who wished to learn programming. About one year ago, Sandra Hindskog and Hanna Pettersson wished to expand their knowledge in coding in order to help out in the workplace. They posted some inquires on various social media outlets and soon realized that they were not alone in wanting this. Fast-forward to today and you’ve got a well-oiled machine of five women organizing a one-week coding camp in Barcelona complete with five courses and 100 female participants.

The class of ReactJS - 2016

Upsales Nordic was one of the proud sponsors of the camp, giving us an opportunity to join as students. I joined the JavaScript React course where we learned the cool new ReactJS. Since I already know quite a bit of coding, my goal with the camp was to get inspired and expand my network. Not only did I accomplish just that, but I also had an amazing time developing a memory game together with my classmates, and I got a chance to share my experience. 

Even though we all had a hard time taking a break, since coding is such a blast, we did manage to get some free-time and here’s what we did:


I still remember the feeling I had when I started programming back when I was still in school. The moment when you finally solve the issue that has been driving you nuts all day is an amazing feeling and everyone should get the chance to try it! That’s why an initiative like 100 Tjejer Kodar is truly a blessing and I feel honored to have been a part of it.

Thank you to Tjejer Kodar for organizing such an amazing week! 

Code on!

// Isabella Billgren, QA Engineer