Key features of the Teamtailor app

  • Create jobs in TeamTailor when your opportunity in Upsales reach a certain stage in Pipeline
  • Get order confirmed in Upsales when the job is hired in TeamTailor

What’s TeamTailor?

Teamtailor is a cloud-based recruitment management platform. Publish your jobs and manage all candidates in the same place. Find out more at

What does the app do?

Automatically create jobs in TeamTailor when opp opportunity in Upsales reaches a certain stage in Pipeline. Which stage in Pipeline is defined by Admin when installing TeamTailor app. When a job is hired in TeamTailor to get an order confirmation back to Upsales, so you easily can keep track of won opportunities (or create invoice your billing system is connected to Upsales).

Learn how to install this app

This is a premium app