Key Features of the Plecto app

  • Be informed of what funnel your opportunities are coming from and see the estimated value it is set to.
  • Establish the different activities of all your current opportunities such as; in contact, waiting for a meeting, or waiting to be signed.
  • Import product information such as; bought products, quantity, and total price of a purchase.
  • Keep track of your meetings and gain a total overview of upcoming events.

What’s Plecto?

Plecto helps companies worldwide to stay on top of their individual KPIs and team performances with real-time insights. 

How does the app work?

Plecto gives you the possibility to visualize your Upsales metrics on a customised dashboard. Combine all your department's data sources in Plecto and see how it increases the performance across teams. Create data-driven conversations among your employees and give them the opportunity to react according to the performance of the company's KPIs. 

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