Training for users

As an Upsales customer you have free access to all our training

theory and practice

Training for all types of users

For us it is important that all our customers are using and getting value from Upsales every day. This is how we can help you make a difference. An integral part of empowering you as an Upsales user, is making sure you have relevant training and guidance. Both during the initial implementation and also later as you evolve in your usage of the platform.


We run training sessions almost every week for different types of users, marketing, sales, manager and analysts. These are designed to streamline implementations but also to efficiently introduce your new employees to Upsales.


The training is primarily held at our office in Stockholm, but is also broadcasted live via the web. During the training sessions, we go through features and functions as well as excercises to put theory into practice immediately. The goal is that you as a user will leave the training fully equiped to excel in your usage of Upsales.


Most training sessions are held in Swedish but we are more than happy to conduct english-speaking sessions on demand.