Finetune Upsales to your way of working

a crm adapted for you

Customisation of the system

Upsales is delivered with a standardised model for fields and settings but can easily be adjusted to your needs. We can for example adjust the sales process to your existing stages and probabilities, setup automated workflows and access rights or adjust e-mail templates and banners for digital advertisement.

These customisations are typically done during the initial implementation. But as you grow with Upsales and become more advanced in your usage, specific adjustments can also be made along the way. Perhaps you change your way of working? Make sure your CRM continues to support you the way you want it to.


Examples of customisations: 

  • Sales stages and probabilties for Opportunities
  • Display names of fields and drop-downs
  • Field-level permissions and settings
  • Workflows and access rights
  • Templates for e-mails, banners and standardised quotations