Upsales Analytics Create and follow up on key figures

Upsales Analytics allows you to create and follow-up exactly the key figures you want. All the data in Upsales can be used for analyzes, reports and dashboards. No indicators are good if they are not followed up – and there are plenty of opportunities to make key figures simple, visual and inspiring.

More than just an analytic tool

Upsales Analytics helps you measure the critical key figures - which allows you to easily see what works in the sales process and where to put the extra focus.

Whether you want an overall view of the entire company's sales compared with last year, or if you need to monitor the operational sales during the week, you get full control of the situation with Upsales Analytics.

Build your own reports

Build your own reports

In Upsales Analytics you can build reports and dashboards based on all data from Upsales - even data from integrated systems.

Customize Dashboards

Customize Dashboards

You can customize your reports and dashboards for different teams depending on their authorisation.

Schedule reports

Schedule reports

Schedule and email reports to your sales team, management or to a specific person.

Build your own reports

Upsales Analytics report generator helps you design reports from scratch. Select the data you want to see and how it will be shown as the system makes the rest.

With customized reports can you:

  • See statistics on level of activity and work, leading to sales results
  • Find new potential customers from the data
  • Coach the sales team – increase hitrate, sales cycle and find where business is dropped

Customize dashboards

In Upsales Analytics you will find a range of standard reports to choose from but you can also customize your unique reports. Decide who has access to what types of reports and what permissions they should have in the statements.

Some reports are for example only shown to management, some only for the sales team.

Schedule reports and e-mails

Schedule reports and e-mail to your sales team, management or to a specific person.



Choose who should have access to the different types of reports and what permissions they should have.


We will help you

We offer free training courses at our office in Stockholm and web-based seminars. Our Analytics specialists also pay regular visits to our customers and offers customized training at their offices.