Optimize exposure with targeted ads

Do you want to run ads towards a targeted audience on the leading digital platforms? Meet Engage, Upsales' new Account Based Marketing service

Advertising that hits home

We believe in advertising. But we don’t believe in sending out the wrong message to the wrong people.

That is why we decided to develop a new feature which lets you narrow down advertising to precisely the companies you want to reach.

The targeted ads will appear on the leading digital media, as SvD.se, DI.se, Forbes.com. In a few minutes you can choose target, manage campaigns and track performance making the service very easy to use. Hand-pick companies from our database and launch a campaign targeting only those few selected.

So if you really want to produce results, stop spending lots of money on an advertising campaign where you do not have a clue about who sees your message and start to focus.

Engage works like this:

Target Group

Here you decide who shall see your ads. You can define a target audience with parameters such as industry, company size and district.

Advertising material

Choose which creatives to run in the campaign. Format, layout and placing is the key to capture your target groups attention.

Set budget

You have full control over your campaign budget and decide how to spend it. Run a booster campaign for a few weeks or a low paced one running over several months.

Follow-up results

Follow improvement on your campaign daily and see which creatives have been viewed and by whom. Everything shown with clear statistics in Upsales.