Save time and improve productivity with easy automations

Zapier is an integration platform that connects thousands of apps, including Upsales, and automatically performs defined tasks. Zapier makes it easy for non-developers to connect their web services, saving time and improving productivity. Cut out manual effort and tedious copy-pasting, and apply that time to your customers and for more important work.

Collect Facebook and Linkedin leads directly in Upsales

The integration works two-way, so changes to information in Upsales can be a trigger for an automatic action elsewhere, or actions that happen in other apps can trigger an update in Upsales. For example, Zapier can use Facebook ads or LinkedIn Lead Gen forms to generate a lead in Upsales. Or you can have new items in Upsales create a new card on a Trello board or a row in a Google Spreadsheet. There are thousands of possibilities to help you automate your work and save time.