Capture new leads and information in Upsales, with Wistia video views

Each time a lead converts through a video using Wistia's turnstile email feature, Wistia will sync with Upsales and add that lead's video activities to their activity log.

Wistia is a video platform for business, which enables companies to easy embedding and market videos on websites, in emails, or shared on social media. With the Wistia integration with Upsales, you can add converted video views in Wistia as activities and submitted forms in Upsales. Start generating new leads and information on your prospects with your videos.

 When an email address is captured with the Wistia turnstile feature, the contact and viewing information will be automaticallt sent to Upsales and added as a new prospect or as an activity on existing contact cards. The Upsales forms will be used to score the conversions.

Score leads and see engagement based on video views

Lead scoring in Upsales means you can use data on watch time to score your contacts and provide more qualified leads to your sales team and customize marketing flow campaigns based on viewing data.

With the Wistia integration enabled, every video view will be tracked and displayed in Upsales as a heat maps and be tracked as an activity in your contact cards. In this way you will be able to see which videos and how much percentage of a video your contacts have been watching. By collecting leads from videos you will also be able to enrol these leads in marketing flow campaigns adapted to their converted actions.