Focus your sales and marketing efforts on the companies most likely to convert, buy more, or churn

Use Vainu connected to Upsales and a get company database consisting of over 108 million companies tightly integrated with your CRM and Marketing Automation platform. Vainu's company database is always up‑to‑date as its intelligent data collection technology searches open and public data on a constant basis.

Save time, get better hit rate and increase sales with up to date data

With Upsales integrated with Vainu, you can finally start capitalizing on your data by prospecting with more detailed data to help you find ideal prospects and to push and pull dynamic info from and to your CRM. Know everything there is to know about your prospects. Combine company data with insights on what technologies they are using, get push notification about fusions, new deals, and open job positions and more, to grasp a full picture of the needs and timing to get in contact with your prospects.


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