Chat fast & simple in Slack, and follow events in real time from Upsales

Integrate Upsales in your team communication and keep everyone up-to-date with real-time messages from Upsales in your Slack channel.

Slack is the ultimate channel for communication between teams, colleagues and customers. And integrated with Upsales you will be able to send real-time messages and receive notifications about events when they happen directly in your sales system. Enabling you to send quick messages to your team, customers, or suppliers in one and the same place.

Keep your team motivated and informed by notifying what's relevant for your team

Follow events in real time, and keep up date on your teams efforts

With the Slack integration with Upsales you can choose to notify on won orders, created opportunities and booked meetings. You can also limit the notifications to certain stages and appointment types, so that the information is adapted to your sales cycle, to have your teams follwo events in real team adapted to improve motivation, and information sharing in your company.


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