Send out NPS via to your Upsales contacts on a regular basis

Capture customer feedback with, synced with Upsales the answers will be automatically displayed in Upsales.

With you can capture actionable customer feedback, NPS, to proactively reduce churn and drive growth. With Promoter integrated with Upsales,  you can send out NPS surveys regularly to your contacts in Upsales. The NPS answers will be displayed on the company and contact cards inside Upsales.   

Get actionable feedback and NPS statistic in your company cards

Get NPS statistic in company and contac card

The NPS statistics and answers with be displayed in Upsales as a widget on the left side in the company card. If more than one contact has answered the survey, the average score for the last 12 months will be displayed. You will also be able to dig deeper into the answers to see more information about what the respondents have written when they answered your NPS survey. In this way, you will be able to be up to date regarding your customer's feedback and be proactive to reduce churn and drive growth.


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