Find new customers all over the world

In order to be successful on the global market you need to be able to process new countries and regions effectively. With Bisnode international you get access to the worlds most comprehensive company database. Find new customers all over the world and enrich company data with revenue, the number of employees, turnover, company status and much more.

Get deeper insights and act quickly on new information

Enable monitoring to a customer to get years worth of automatic updates. Get deeper insights with data like employee growth rate trends, revenue trends, stock exchanges, company family tree and much more.

Bisnode international

Get started with Bisnode connected to Upsales

Cost: 500 EUR / month to use the service. You will have access to over 300 million worldwide companies. Choose from two different packages. With the service enabled you will automatically have access to Bisnode International in your Upsales account.

1 EUR per company - small record

Duns number, company name, long & latitude for address, address, exchange number, website, email domain, turnover, profit, number of employees, industry, org no, status, type of company

2 EUR per company - big record

Same data as small record + number of employees data over the past five years, results over the past five years, company tree, key people and monitoring if any of the information changes over 12 months.