segments & flows

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Segments & Flows is lead nurturing on autopilot. Dynamically update your list of contacts and create actions based on the behavior of your leads, prospects, and customers.


Your segments are always up to date

Automatically build segments by using the combined sales and marketing data of Upsales.

A unique advantage when using Upsales is having one database for all your marketing and sales data. This means that you can dynamically segment your contacts based on their sales and marketing information. Communicate the right content, to the right contacts, at the right time.

With Segments, you can add and remove contacts dynamically depending on their information. Contacts that match your filter settings are automatically imported into your segment, and those contacts that no longer match your filters are automatically excluded from the segment.

Including criteria

The filters you apply imports contacts to your segment over time. So whenever a contact matches the criteria they are added to the segment

Excluding criteria

These are the reversed option from the including criteria. That means that all contacts that match the criteria will be removed from the segment. The excluding criteria have higher priority than the included ones.


Flows automate steps for contacts depending on their behavior

Define steps for all contacts that are in your segment with Flows. Trigger actions depending on the behavior of the contacts and nurture your leads to score higher. Make cold leads hot!

Make the most of your combined sales and marketing database by re-engaging contacts through customized content. Monitor who interacts with what and set triggers for contacting the leads when they've performed a set of actions or reached the lead score of your choice. 

You can also customize which emails they receive and which ads are shown based on what they've previously acted upon. When you've got their attention set automated triggers to notify your sales team that it's time to contact the customer.  


Actions are thing's that Upsales performs, like sending emails or updating contact/company information for the contacts that reach the step.


These are interactions your contacts do like opening emails, clicking links in emails or filling out forms. Behaviors split your flow into two paths.


Determine how long your flow should wait before determining the outcome of an action.

Nurture leads by automatically adding them to your ABM campaigns

A huge advantage of Segments and Flows is always having your sales and marketing data synced.

Simultaneously nurture leads by automatically adding them to an IP-targeted advertising campaign. In this way, we make sure your message reaches only the right companies and are nurtured with your message while they are passing through the different stages in the flow.